What we do

We’re passionate about making your home, and the technology within it, absolutely effortless. Whether it’s pressing one button to turn on the TV (and sound system, Blu-ray player…) or setting the house into away mode as you leave to set the alarm (and turn all the lights off, turn the heating down, lock the door…). We can retrofit an existing room or start from scratch and automate your whole house, designing and installing a solution that’s just for you.

Get in touch to add some intelligence to your spaces.

Audio & video distribution

The days of having a library of CDs and DVDs lining your walls are well and truly over. Imagine having every song, TV show or movie at your fingertips, wherever you are. We can store your media on a central server, allowing you to play anything, in any room, at any time. Control it all through handheld devices (including phones and tablets), a dedicated remote or a keypad in the wall.

We can also integrate all of your existing devices, including Sky or cable TV, Blu-Ray players and games consoles. Plus, we’ll hide all of those unsightly black boxes from view, it will all appear, as if by magic.

From HD to 3D Intelligent Spaces is the company to make all your dreams come true.

Lighting control

Lighting is often left as an afterthought, with a single centred light or spotlights dotted around the room.

The right lighting, can transform the look and feel of any room. We can ensure your wall lights, lamps, blinds and curtains work together in complete unity to give your room the atmosphere it deserves. We’ll create multiple intelligent lighting profiles, changeable with the touch of a button, for each room. So, no matter when and how you use the room, it’s always perfect.

Home Cinema

Ever wanted to create that true cinematic experience at home (minus the sticky floors and uncomfortable seats)? Picture it now, with one touch, your blinds close, lights dim, TV and speakers start up and every movie, TV show and home video in your collection is ready and waiting to go. The only thing we can’t do is make the popcorn.

Home Automation

An intelligent home is a happy one… and a green home is even happier. Automating your home’s blinds, lights, heating and cooling systems, gives you the ultimate control over the climate of your home and its energy consumption. Sensors and a remote control mean that items are only on when they need to be and you have power over it all, whether you’re at home, out and about or on your way back. What’s even better is you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving something on again.

Networking & WiFi

The heart of any smart home or business are the cables within it. Installing the correct infrastructure from the start of any project provides you with unlimited possibilities for the future. As well as internet and telephone points in every room, we can distribute audio and video throughout meaning you’re always connected, A robust network with a secure internet connection allows total control of your home from anywhere in the world.

Security & CCTV

Home security is now ever more important and installing CCTV & Alarm systems provides peace of mind and a powerful visual deterrent. You can rest assured that you’ll never miss a moment with remote monitoring from nearly any internet connected device and hard drives storing months of footage.